Residential and Commercial Design

Oregon Cannabis Industry

A short time before Measure 91 was approved in 2014, legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Oregon, Korbich Architects began working with Portland producers. New licensing regulations require all Oregon producers, processors and retailers meet local land use and building permit requirements.

This can be a very complex process and it is our goal to guide your project through the Building Permit Process.

At Korbich Architects, we are big advocates of the legal cannabis industry and our goal is to provide safe, comfortable and energy efficient spaces. We are excited to be involved with this growing industry.

We understand the production, processing and retail aspects of the industry.


Alternative Remedies LLC


Green Science LLC

Green State of Mind LLC

Neighbor Dave's Organics LLC

O.A.K. Botanicals LLC

503 Consulting


This is the cultivation part of the industry. There are many things to consider when designing spaces for plant cultivation. Indoor growing opperations need special attention to lighting, cooling, ventilation, plumbing and monitoring systems. Many of our clients are building out existing spaces and it is important to understand how to deal with existing building structures and systems. Because of the change of use, State and local codes require that the entire building be brough up to code.


This is the part of the industry that icludes the different types of extraction methods used to develop cannabis extracts and concentrates. There will be different building code requirements depending on your method of extraction. Cannabis processing spaces fall somewhere between a commercial kitchen and a laboratory. It is important to be able to communicate with Building Officials about the process involved.


This is the most public side of the industry and is where the money is made. Like any retail opperation, it is important to know your customers and develop a space that will make them feel comfortable and encouraged. This is where good architecture can make the difference between an average retail space and an amazing retail space.

The Design Process

Our way of working with clients is open and friendly. We have many years of experience working with clients and know that the process can be overwhelming and will work with you to create a design that meets your financial, technical and asthetic goals. As the architect, we will shepard the design process, acting as the mediator between the client, code officials, consultants and contractors. Communication is key.

Depending on your design needs, we will work through design concepts with drawings and diagrams. As the design becomes more clear, we bring in consultant engineers and specialists to custom tune the design process for your specific needs.