Residential and Commercial Design

MLK Adaptive Reuse

A private developer purchased an historic building, previously owned by the Salvation Army.  The building had been used as a retail store as well as a residence and training facility for men in need.  The interior was a rabbit warren of spaces and the first thing that was done was to demolish the existing interior walls.

The new design converts the building to a mixed use facility.  The first floor will house rental space for shops and eateries while the two upper floors will be converted to rental office space.  A roof deck was added at the lower roof at the East side of the building.

Because of the change of use, the building needed a seismic upgrade. A new concrete block core will act as the main seismic structure and also be the stair and elevator lobby for the building.

The exterior will remain largely in-tack and openings which had been filled in over the years will be replaced with new windows, effectively opening the spaces to views and daylight.

While the building was just outside the cities historic overlay zone, the owner decided to pursue historic tax credits which required coordination and review with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

Stephen was the designer and project architect for this project.

Stephen Worked on this project while employed at FFA Architects