Residential and Commercial Design

Mississippi Quincho

A Mississippi family was longing for the outdoor cooking/living area they experienced in Agentina. "Asado" is a traditional way of grilling meat in Argentina. It is much more than just slapping meat on a hot grill, it involves a long tradition of getting family and friends together to eat and drink and have fun.

The "Quincho" is the name given to this kind of structure. Traditionally, the Qunicho is a covered cooking and dining area with a wood fired grill. In this case, the family also wanted to incorporate a small office, bathroom and storage. The grill is called a "Parrilla" and is custom made grill with the ability to be raised, lowered and angled.

The building is 24' by 24', which is the maximum size allowed within the building setback of the site.

The Parilla was installed in a true masonry wood burning fireplace with a chimney high enough to send smoke up and away.

This is a unique project, being one of the only true Argentine style Quincho's in the Pacific Northwest.