Residential and Commercial Design

Site Selection

By understanding code and zoning requirements, we can help guide the process of site selection.  We can provide preliminary options for site development and provide design drawings for use in estimating and marketing.


Creating great spaces starts with understanding all the elements of the design.  We will work with you to analyze your space needs and organize them into understandable pieces.  We can help define adjacencies which will aid in the design of the project and give an idea of what kind of size and depth of building will be needed.  Defining a building program is a key part in understanding the economic requirements of the project.

Space Planning

Working out the detailed relationships within the plan creates the flow and efficiency to the project. Whether you need to arrange a few offices in a leased space or coordinate a large office move, we can help.  

Design and Visualization

Giving form to ideas is the magic part of making architecture. It is both a talent and a skill that we have been honing for many years.  By creating diagrams, drawings and 3D models, we can clearly describe the new space.  Currently, we use AutoCad, SketchUp and Photoshop to create compelling presentations.

Color Consulting

Effective color selection can be an inexpensive yet powerful element in any design. We believe successful color design is able to control the effects of a person’s emotion and mood or the room’s tone through the masterful use of color as a design tool in itself.  

Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse

We have experience working on historic homes and buildings of many eras. Navigating historic district requirements can be a challenge without the right knowledge. We can work with municipal, state and federal agencies to determine the best approach to renovating or adding to your historic property.

Universal Design

While we are very experienced with designing to ADA guidelines, Universal Design is a more wholistic approach to designing for people with challenges. People are living longer and are wanting to stay in their homes. We can design around your life and your needs and plan for the future. The goal is to make a place that is easy to navigate and be active in all aspects of your life.

Marketing Graphics

It has been our experience that the importance of marketing can not be underestimated.  This is especially true these days, where money is tight and everyone is competing for projects.  We can provide professional presentations for the web, printed publications, and displays.  


Great projects require great documentation. We have the ability to produce detailed construction documents and specifications for all your project needs.  We have in depth knowledge of city and county requirements for permit documents and can be a liaison between the client and the building department.  Many cities and counties require design review of new projects and we can help guide the project through these challenges.  We work with professional engineers, estimators and specialists that are required for each job.  

Construction Administration

It is important to see a design through to the built project. We offer a range of services for construction administration from site observation to shop drawing review.  We have many years of experience on-site and know how to shepherd the design intent through to the completed building.

LEED Coordination

Sustainable design is becoming less of an option and more of a requirement these days. LEED (Leadership in energy and environmental Design) is a common standard for rating projects in regards to a buildings energy efficiency, comfort and environmental impact.  Many states have their own standards for energy conservation.  Oregon, for example, has SEED (State Energy Efficient Design) which is required for all public projects.  We can coordinate these efforts.

We provide a wide range of architectural and design services