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Not so boring, Boring Oregon Ranch House Remodel

The owner of a 1,074 sq. Ft. Ranch house needed to enlarge their home for their growing family. The existing ranch has a nearly flat roof and was in need of a new roof at the very least.
The original house is a simple mid-century design which has never been a favorite of the owner.
Initially, the owner had sketched out a two story addition and asked Korbich Architects to develop the scheme.
After working with the owner and investigating a two story scheme, it was determined that adding a single story addition to the existing home would be the most cost effective and best use of space. The house is situated on a 5 acre site so expanding the footprint was an easy option.
The new design adds 2,326 sq. ft. of new area and updates the look of the house be be more fitting with the owners farm style.

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