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Portland ADU

Portland ADU

This 594 square foot accessory dwelling unit is situated behind the main house and is not visible from the street. The client is the father of a mother of two who live in the main house. This ADU gives him the benefits of being close to family but still having his own privacy. He does admit to enjoying breakfast and dinner prepared by his daughter in the main house quite often.

Part of the process involved getting an adjustment with the city zoning department because the new structure makes the site coverage slightly larger than allowed by code. Getting the adjustment resolved early and correctly is something Korbich Architects was responsible for. This is a very tight space to work with, but we were able to get the maximum space allowed.

The new resident was surprised how large the small ADU feels. The vaulted ceiling and skylights in the main living area likely what create this feeling of spaciousness.

"We love seeing families enjoying each other in their new spaces."
Jennifer and Steve

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